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Magnetic Routine Cards (Set of 20) for Kids

Magnetic Routine Cards (Set of 20) for Kids

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If you're like us, you've probably tried it all to establish better cadence now that school is back in session. Routines can be hard, especially for a family like ours with differently flavors of ADHD. So when I found these magnets, I was SO excited! The kids can rearrange them in whatever order they want. They can move them around as they finish things. They are adorably cute, easy to read and exactly what my family needed to settle into a more structured daily rhythm. 

Routine cards are a wonderful way to help ease transitions and reduce meltdowns for children. They are also a powerful tool to help nurture independence, build predictability and allow our little ones to feel like they have some control.

This set of 20 magnets covers the often tricky morning and bedtime routines. Sit down with your child and plan out each step together. Giving them a sense of control, within limits.

Includes the following magnets:

🌅 Morning Routine: Wake up, Toilet, Eat breakfast, Get dressed, Brush teeth, Brush hair, Make bed, Pack bag, Put on shoes, School/Daycare

🌙 Evening Routine: Pack up, Chat about day, Eat dinner,  Bath/shower,  Brush teeth,  Pyjamas (yes, this is spelled correctly, these sweet magnets are made with love in Australia 🦘), Toilet, Get a drink, Story time, Bed time

Each magnet measures 6x6cm and is 0.8mm thick. They come in a sweet drawstring bag for safekeeping.

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