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Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog

Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog

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Introducing Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog - The Ultimate Sensory Toy for Kids! Designed in Australia, Charlie is perfect for all children, including our sensory and anxious friends. Backed by evidence-based research, Charlie helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Promotes calmness and encourages focus. Boosts mood and fights back against stress. Supports autism symptoms and soothes feelings of panic, enhancing sleep. Utilizes cold therapy for mental clarity and reduced inflammation. Offers heat therapy for healing and calming painful muscles. Give your little ones the gift of Charlie The Weighted Puppy Dog - the perfect sensory toy to nurture their well-being and bring endless joy. Let Charlie be their loving and comforting friend throughout their childhood adventures.

* Sustainable packaging and materials for an eco-friendly approach. 

* Charlie is perfectly weighted at 3.9lb 

* Suitable for ages 3+ 

* 16 x 9 x 6 inches

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