Burleigh Wagon carrying 3 children and a surfboard! Pulled by Dad carrying the umbrella in a bag over shoulder all while enjoying a day at the beach!

Introducing the Burleigh Wagon

Working with family-owned businesses is a passion but when you get to do it with one of your dearest friends and she's created a product that truly changes everything, you realize how lucky you are. 

When Regan moved to Australia, their daughter was on the autism spectrum and with 2 girls under 2, they really struggled for days at the beach. Dragging a stroller and all of the things they'd need was just too much. So she took matters into her own hands and developed one of the most thoroughly designed products I've ever encountered. 

Watching Regan grow this business from the ground up has been one of my very favorite things and was a huge inspiration to me launching Grace & Haven. They have been live in Australia for 5 years now and even just secured an investment from one of the sharks on Shark Tank Australia! They launched in the US this past summer with crazy success and I was one of the first ones to snag one for our family outings. 

The kids are obsessed with ours and its been to the zoo and on many MN adventures. We are excited to use it in CT this summer for music on the river and especially at the beach! 

The wagons have a built in cooler, bluetooth speaker and charging ports, umbrella, snack tray, multiple cupholders, and a surfboard rack! There's an extra storage compartment for keys, wallets, and more snacks. And it's certified as a quad stroller in the US - yes, for FOUR kids! The wagon is specially designed for sand and easily converts from wagon to bench seating which makes it great for outdoor concerts or kids sporting events. And you can even get a custom license plate! 

Available in 4 standard colors and currently, 2 additional limited addition colors. And the color panels are interchangeable so they can easily be swapped out for a new color should you change your mind in the future. You and your kids will love pulling the Burleigh Wagon with you everywhere you go. And did we mention you can hose it down to clean it? 

I am so proud of Regan and know you will be in awe of the unparalleled detail and thoughtfulness of these wagons. They are an incredible addition to any family and every beach house. 

You can now check them out and even test drive them in our store in Essex, CT! Or they are available online with FREE shipping in the US! 

Click here to customize your Burleigh Wagon

Watch Regan & Nathan as they share their why and what they've built on Shark Tank Australia:

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