Mama Spotlight - Caroline Olson, Owner Pearls & Plaid

Mama Spotlight - Caroline Olson, Owner Pearls & Plaid

Building community is at the heart of Grace & Haven. Creating a haven for women, establishing the village that everyone talks about but few experience, learning from each other, pushing each other, supporting one another. We've been so blessed to meet some amazing women on this journey and I am so excited to begin to share some of them with you! 

Hi! I’m Caroline Olson, owner of Pearls & Plaid. Being an entrepreneur I wear a lot of hats! My biggest jobs at this stage in the business are buyer and merchandiser! (Two of my favorites) Through the past ten years I have done it all! 

The most important thing in my business is serving my community and supporting the women especially moms! I work daily with local women owned businesses to bring the best products and shopping experience to our customers!

The most important thing in my life is my family. I started this business so I could have flexibility in my schedule for my family. I have worked extremely hard to maintain a schedule that allows me to be the mom and wife I want to be. 

What have you loved most about Grace & Haven Events?
I love that Grace & Haven is now offering a networking event for entrepreneur moms! Building a community of strong, talented and amazing women has been the highlight of my business. Seeing another locally owned business support the same values is amazing! I am here for any and all events that bring the community together! 

What is your favorite Grace & Haven Product? 

My favorite Grace & Haven products are the boy clothes from Rylee + Cru! They are amazing quality and so on brand with the New England vibe! I am pregnant with my third boy so I’m here for all the baby items! 

What is my word of the year/what are you striving for this year? 

My word of the year is streamline! I have grown my business to a point where I don’t need to hover or have my finger on everything every single second of the day! I have moved from doing it all myself to managing people doing the things. This has been an uncomfortable transition for me. But it has allowed me to streamline so many daily tasks and have a better plan. I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off 5 days a week I’m down to three haha! With a new baby coming in October it’s really important to me that this business can operate without me being fully there every day! 

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