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Ollie The Weighted Octopus

Ollie The Weighted Octopus

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Introducing Ollie The Weighted Octopus, a magical kids toy perfect for all children, including our sensory and anxious friends. Backed by evidence-based research, Ollie helps reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. Ollie's superpower is touch, bringing the gift of cuddles and snuggles. Whether at home, daycare, or school, he's there to calm and comfort you, providing a sense of security. Promotes calmness. Encourages focus. Boosts mood. Fights stress. Supports autism symptoms. Enhances sleep quality. Supports mental clarity and reduces inflammation with cold therapy. Encourages healing and soothes muscles with heat therapy. Experience the joy of Ollie, your friendly weighted companion designed to support our sensory friends and spread comfort and happiness. Embrace the magic of touch with Ollie, the perfect playmate for kids of all ages.

* Sustainable materials.

* Designed with love in Australia. 

* Perfectly weighted at 3.8lbs.

* 15 x 7 x 7 inches

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