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Ok, so we've launched this amazing business into the world. You love it, we've never been more excited, and momentum is growing but now what?! The answer is so much! 

We've been working hard behind the scenes on building new brand partnerships, identifying incredible new products that will make life easier and more beautiful, and trying desperately to crack the social media code. 😝 Have any tips or tricks for us on the social side? We are all ears! 👂🏻

Have you shared us yet with all of your friends? No?! If you love us - we're pretty sure you do if you're reading this 😜 - please share us on social. We'll send you magic, seriously! Not sure how? Click the Rewards button in the bottom right corner of, log into your account and click Get Social. You can also refer friends directly with your dedicated referral link. The magic adds up quickly for lots of goodies like free shipping and discounts so share the love and get some love in return. ✨

Brand values matter to us. That's why we only partner with businesses and artisans that we believe are making a difference. Have a brand you love? Know someone creating something amazing? Tell us about them! Have a product that makes your life that much better? Share it with us. We want to know what resonates with you.

Speaking of brand partnerships and amazing products, we are heading to Dallas! ✈️ Why would you begin to make that a summer travel destination when the forecast is calling for 115 degree weather next week, you ask?! 🥵 Because Dallas is one of the biggest retail buying markets in the country and we are headed to check it out! We are so excited to meet new vendors, network with amazing brands & retailers, and shop just for you! And we know we'll learn a ton, too! 🙌🏻 We have limited plans for outside time (hello, 115) but are going to try to squeeze in some fun. Did we mention this is a girls only trip?! 🥂 Be sure to stay close to social because we'll be taking you along for the ride. You won't want to miss this!

So what's next from there? We are currently in negotiations for a retail space in the Southwest Metro of Minneapolis. We are super excited for the potential and hope to be able to share more soon!! 🤞🏻 In the meantime, we are looking for popup opportunities so if you have a space or event that would be a good fit, please reach out. We hope to offer more in-person shopping opportunities soon. 

Anything else happening around here? Of course! There are birthdays to celebrate, summer adventures to plan, Tuesday drops, an incredible style & photo collaboration coming soon, and so much more! Stay tuned to your email and follow along on social. You seriously won't want to miss this next couple months of amazing!

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