Everything on Purpose

Everything on Purpose

If I could only use one word to describe Grace & Haven, it would be purposeful. Curating goods that actually do good is what matters most to me. We look for products and brand partners that share our values, and we've found some amazing ones already. We want the products that we bring to you to really make a difference and we encourage you to not just look at the product pictures (although we hope you'll agree, they are the cutest around!) but to read the descriptions because there is so much more to learn about everything we are bringing to you! Whether they give back to the world around us -

Our Kind Dolls donate to educational charities with each sale and come with tokens for your child to share with others as they witness kindness, love, and compassion.

Our organic kids apparel like the Rylee Organic Cotton Footed Sleeper from Colored Organics, help children in need through a variety of initiatives across the globe, including local children's hospitals.

And our handmade pillows and banners focus on socio-economic development and opportunities for artisans in small villages in Kenya. 

Or encourage our next generation to be better -

Our Charlie's Mindful Adventures by the Sea & Patience Pebbles were developed by a mama psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness as an early intervention for stress disorders with a goal of empowering children "to slow their minds, shift their limiting beliefs, and embrace the powerful benefits of thoughtful living."

While our Be The Good Retro Kids Tee, Make Magic Happen Graphic Tank Top, & Peace Hand for ALL Graphic Tee are hand printed with a "mission to empower others to look up, to share moments, and to go out of their way to see the good in those around them."

And many of our products are developed by mamas and women on a mission to make lives easier - like our Emma Versatile Vegan Leather Backpack Bag, Clutch & Wet Bag designed by a mama who knew there was a better way! And entrepreneurs determined to leave this world better than we found it through eco-friendly practices, organic materials and sustainability - like our On-the-go Magnetic Wooden Blocks Set (learn more about their mission here).

We look for incredible mission statements like "To empower and inspire a generation of children to create a kinder world, one heart at a time."

And we invest in products and practices that we believe will make this world and your life better. This is just the beginning and we are so excited to share even more of our purpose and mission with you as continue to grow, full of incredible products and brands so we can fulfill our own purpose to curate collections and experiences that make life better.

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