Graduation Gift Ideas that Inspire

Graduation Gift Ideas that Inspire

If you’re like us, your calendar is full of graduation and grad party invites for the next month. Both of Kara’s brothers are graduating this year! And with a kiddo in high school, our weekends are full of back to back parties.

So what do you get for the new grad? Look, the short answer is money.💰 It’s likely what they want and need most. But we love the idea of pairing that with a simple gift to inspire their next moves whether exploring the world, enrolling in college, starting a new job, or just trying to figure out who they want to be when they grow up.

So here are a few simple gift ideas to inspire the next generation:

💡 Jewelry with a message. Our bracelets use morse code to spell out words like hope, faith, and strength. A simple way to remind them of what matters or that you’re always with them.

💡 A mug for all that late night coffee they’ll need in college or for the endless zoom meetings at their new job. Phrases like You Got This or Choose Joy are the perfect spark to start or end a day. 

💡 Change is good. Sometimes that’s a hard thing to remember. Keep that front and center with our simple yet sweet graphic tee. 

💡 They’ve got a lot of emotions coming because while change is good, it’s also hard. Starting out or starting fresh, give them a journal that allows them to get it all out. Who knows, maybe they’ll use it to dream up something big. 

Here’s to the grads, the dreamers, the doers, the believers, the world changers, may they find excitement in their new chapter and all the strength and support to do great things. Upward! ✨

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