Gratitude in Every Day

Gratitude in Every Day

One of our favorite moms, psychotherapist, and vendors is Jacqueline Yeats from Mindful and Co Kids. She's turned her research and professional experience into incredible products that promote mindfulness in our kids and might just spark some changes in our own perspective, too. On gratitude, she writes: 

'The benefits of practicing gratitude daily are endless. Numerous studies demonstrate how gratitude practice can not only increase one's happiness but also improve overall health and well-being.

Practicing gratitude can mean different things for different people. From evening prayers, affirmations to journaling.

Here are 6 reasons to practice gratitude in you and your little's lives:

1. Helps you better cope with stress.

2. Improves your overall health and well-being.

3. Helps you develop stronger bonds and relationships.

4. Makes you feel more secure and self assured.

5. Increases overall happiness and satisfaction.

6. Keeps you inspired and increases creativity.'

Gratitude is a practice that I've added to my daily routine and something that I'm working to instill in my children. I am so excited to be introducing the My Starter Journal for Kids this fall and to begin using them at home. These journals are beautifully designed with kids in mind and will, no doubt, support them in establishing their own gratitude practice in their lives. Something that I hope will stay with them through adulthood and truly bring light to small joys that we too often otherwise forget. You can preorder yours now.

While you await the arrival of your journal, I wanted to share these simple and sweet printables, also from Mindful and Co Kids, so you can begin introducing thankfulness and gratitude into your day. I hope you enjoy them as much as my kids have. Not only has it been fun to see what brings them joy but they've been great conversation starters, too! 

I hope you'll share how your gratitude practices are going and what you've learned or gained from them in the comments below! 

Until then, today and always, I am grateful for YOU! 💕

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