Mama Spotlight - Renee Woodruff Adams, Creative Spirit Behind The Riverbarn CT

Mama Spotlight - Renee Woodruff Adams, Creative Spirit Behind The Riverbarn CT

Building community is at the heart of Grace & Haven. Creating a haven for women, establishing the village that everyone talks about but few experience, learning from each other, pushing each other, supporting one another. We've been so blessed to meet some amazing women on this journey and I am so excited to begin to share some of them with you! 

I have such a love/hate relationship with social media. Chasing an unchase-able algorithm is exhausting and defeating at times but I've also met some incredible women through the platforms. Renee is one such friend and I've been so blessed to get to know her and witness her incredible business sense. She is an inspiration and so fun to be around and I can't wait to introduce her to you!

I'm Renee Woodruff Adams, a mom, visionary entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality, community, and the natural beauty of CT, and owner of The Riverbarn in Essex, CT. I poured my heart and soul into transforming a historic space into a haven of warmth and beauty, and curating an exceptional experience for visitors. 

What have you loved most about Grace & Haven Events?

I’m excited that Amy is a member of Moms of Essex, a group I formed after moving to Essex during the pandemic. Realizing I didn't have any place to turn for mom advice or a friend to talk to going through a similar life stage, I created this community. We are going to work together to host an event at Grace & Haven exclusively for the Moms of Essex.

What is your favorite Grace & Haven Product? 

Literally every mindful gift in the store with a focus on children. The weighted stuffed animals are always such a great gift!

What is my word of the year/what are you striving for this year? 

It’s not just a word but a phrase: if everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority. I'm the queen of having too many balls in the air at once, and this year, I'm reining things in. I'm focusing on the people and things that matter most to me so that I can give all of myself and, in turn, feel much more present, calm, and focused.


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