Mama Spotlight - Regan Merka, Creator of Burleigh Wagon

Mama Spotlight - Regan Merka, Creator of Burleigh Wagon

Building community is at the heart of Grace & Haven. Creating a haven for women, establishing the village that everyone talks about but few experience, learning from each other, pushing each other, supporting one another. We've been so blessed to meet some amazing women on this journey and I am so excited to begin to share some of them with you! 

If you'd asked me when we were 8 if we'd be working together when we were in our 40s to bring moms in Essex and throughout the world, products with purpose that truly make life better, I'm guessing we'd have laughed. But here we are, one mom with a dream of a small shop in their hometown and another that created something out of her own necessity that is bringing families together, coming back together all these years later to bring you something special. Regan, creator of Burleigh Wagon, was one of my best friends growing up and is an inspiration in our adulthood. I can't wait for you to meet her!

I'm Regan Merka - mom of 2 from Gold Coast, Australia but was raised in Essex CT. I decided to make a unique wagon for children with some features I hasn’t seen before, after struggling to leave the house with my 2 kids under 2. My daughter Lilly is on the Autism Spectrum and when she was a toddler she hated the stroller, refused to ride in it and it make outings pretty hectic. I had tried a few wagons on the market , but personally found them lacking. So I created a stroller wagon with a built -in cooler, bench seating, room & safety features for 4 kids + built-in Bluetooth, off-road tires & steering, and more. 

What matters most is my 2 girls and raising them to be happy and kind humans. Trying to embrace the good & simple pleasures in every day life and practicing gratitude to seek the light in the darker days. 

What do you love about Grace & Haven?

What I love about Grace & Haven is how intentional Amy is with each and every piece she hand picks to be included in her store. Each with its own unique style, story and flare, culminating in a beautiful collection of pieces moms and families are sure to love for many years to come. 

What do you loved most about Grace & Haven?

The wagon would have to be my fave product in store 😉, but in saying that , I cannot wait to hopefully visit later this year and discover firsthand some amazing brands and bring back some new goodies with me to Australia to be the envy of all my friends. 

What is my word of the year/what are you striving for this year? 

Resilience I am striving for this year. Remembering that tough times always have a season and even when things seem too hard , you have made it through 100% of your hardest times already and you are still standing. Humans are often capable of so much more than they think they can achieve. It’s the mindset that is key to push past boundaries, reservations, and pain. This is the mindset I want to continue to strive for in 2024 and beyond when life’s challenges come my way. 

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