Mama Spotlight - Natalie Ellis, Wardrobe Stylist & Mom

Mama Spotlight - Natalie Ellis, Wardrobe Stylist & Mom

Building community is at the heart of Grace & Haven. Creating a haven for women, establishing the village that everyone talks about but few experience, learning from each other, pushing each other, supporting one another. We've been so blessed to meet some amazing women on this journey and I am so excited to begin to share some of them with you! 

Having a photographer that you love come family portrait season is a life saver and when that photographer becomes a friend and also helps you bring your business dreams to life, its something truly special. And then when she introduces you to an equally amazing human who is an expert on all things style, you know that magic is about to happen and so it did almost a year ago. I am so grateful to Wendy at Willow & Wren Photography for introducing me to Natalie and now, I am so excited to introduce her to you!

I'm Natalie Ellis - a mother, wardrobe styling connoisseur, creator, dreamer and lover of beauty in all forms!  

Back in 2021, I knew I wanted to go after my own dreams, and start something of my own. So in June 2021, was born along with my lifestyle blog.  

Creating lifestyle content has been such a joy. I get asked a lot of style related questions from many of my "mom friends" and being a mom myself to my now 7 year old son Cameron, I knew I wanted to find a way to help moms and others hone their own personal style. It's funny how life has a way of bringing you back to where it all started, so in August 2022, I launched Natalie Ellis Creative as an extension of the blog focused around family photo styling and additional styling services. The best part of what I do is helping other women feel good about who they are and who they are becoming.  

I believe style is the gateway to a better you. Not only can it improve your life and increase your energy - it gives you confidence and empowers you to move forward. A good outfit can change everything.  

What have you loved most about Grace & Haven Events?

I truly believe community and relationships are so important so getting to be with other women at Grace & Haven events fills my cup. Getting a chance to meet other women, have great conversations, learn something new and SHOP - what is better than that??!!  

What is your favorite Grace & Haven Product? 

I would have to say my favorite products are women's clothing. The assortment and attention to detail and quality of the pieces Amy selects is my favorite thing. I love the stories behind each piece. I tend to be drawn towards a classic dress or beautiful sweater. The Audrey Satin Top is a favorite and the Farren Dress for sure ....both are so classic in style and so simple. I believe less is always more and these hit the mark.  

What is my word of the year/what are you striving for this year? 

My word of the year is "surrender." I'm doing my best to let go of the "how to" while embracing a place of quiet creativity - being present to what’s all around and also remaining open to what’s next. This is a year of learning, letting go of expectations and enjoying the ride. I think a lot of times, it's so easy to get impatient. So, finding joy in the journey and this idea of "blooming where I'm planted" has been a goal of mine this year. 

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