So, What's Next?!

So, What's Next?!

Well, the dream came true, the shop is open, so, now what?! The answer is a lot! 

Our rush to the finish for holiday had us skipping over some projects that required more time - beautifying the fitting room space, more racks for baby & kids clothes and products (for a whole new collection coming soon!), painting the floor, addressing that big blank wall behind the cashwrap, finishing the cashwrap, and more! Whoa, writing that out makes it feel like a lot! 🙈 So you'll be seeing some updates over the next few months as we work through these projects and more! 

But that's just the physical space. What else?

Events. All the events! Building community and supporting women, especially mamas, where they are at, is at the core of our mission and we are ready to start bring this amazing village together! We are scheduling events in store and online for women, kids, families, you name it, we likely have it in the works. Check out the latest events calendar to register and stay close to social for all the latest updates.

Is that it? Nope.

We are expanding our team to bring you even more shopping opportunities and to help grow this community and small business! Meet our incredible team that are keeping things running in store!

Interested in joining the team? Reach out to and we can chat more! 

We are open Friday - Sunday 10-5 every week in February but will be offering extended hours, when possible, so stay close to social for all the latest updates. Current extended shopping days include 2/1, 2/7, and 2/8 but even more coming soon! 

Is there anything else? Glad you asked!

We are extending an invitation for private shopping events beginning in February! Grab some girlfriends and spend an hour or 2 with us browsing, snacking, chatting, and more. Host a small bridal or baby shower, plan a fun girls night, mom's coffee chat, if you can dream it, we can plan it! 

Have a non-profit, school or sports team that would like to partner? Reach out. We are offering one in store event monthly to a nonprofit - we provide the shopping and some snacks and 20% of all sales from the event are donated to the nonprofit! We are excited to work with you! Reach out to or DM us on social to chat more.

Ok, that's enough for now but we'll be back with more soon!

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